Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wars and Rumors of Wars

For years now there has been talk about World War III, which is what I'd like to discuss today. The very fact that it has been rumored about so much and for so long is a sign of the times in itself. For the Lord said that before he returns there will be wars and rumors of wars. He said, "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come." (Mt 24:6, NIV).

There is speculation that WWIII could begin at any moment. In fact, it may have already begun when the initially unnamed war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria began in 2014, which is now called Operation Inherent Resolve. Russia also has troops on the ground in Syria, as well as planes flying airstrikes, and warships offshore in the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, they claim to have Spetsnaz Special Forces working covertly within ISIS, helping to call in the airstrikes. The effectiveness of the Russian airstrikes may have helped provide leverage to negotiate the recent cease-fire in the Syrian civil war, which at this time seems to be partially holding. Interestingly, Russia is supporting their ally, Syrian President Assad, and a different set of combatants in the civil war than the ones the United States is supporting, so the US and Russia are fighting on different sides of the war.

Whether Operation Inherent Resolve and the war against ISIS will be the beginning of WWIII remains to be seen. But ever since September 11, 2001, the US has been at war against Islamic militants, and there seems to be no end in sight. Moreover, the fact that ISIS has publicly declared their goal of establishing an Islamic state globally means that all nations who do not agree to accept that goal have a stake in the war against ISIS.

Aside from the war on terror, there is the issue of the US military being spread too thinly around the world. Presently the US military, primarily Special Forces, are involved in 134 wars around the world, which covers 70% of the world's nations. Meanwhile the U.S. military is aging, shrinking in size, and only “marginally able” to defend America’s vital national interests. It is no longer able to fight two wars at once, can no longer guarantee its ability to win one war, and is being reduced in numbers to pre-World War II level.

Moreover, the American moral crisis has severely weakened the US military. The country has turned away from God. It has despised and ignored the prophets the Lord has sent to it. The stench of its sins, and the blood of the innocents is crying out, and is continually before God's face. The Church is lukewarm, adulterous, reprobate, and apostate. The US military has become an anti-Christian institution, and it is suffering from a suicide epidemic.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this, China has continued to flex its military muscles in various ways. One thing that comes to mind is the time in April 2001 when one of their fighter jets rammed a US reconnaissance plane in International airspace off the coast of China, which caused it to make an emergency landing on the Chinese island of Hainan in the South China Sea. There have been other similar acts of belligerence since then against US aircraft and ships at sea. And Chinese ships have been spotted right off the west coast of the US. There was a mysterious ballistic missile launched off the coast of California in 2010, which some speculate was from a Chinese submarine. But more recently five Chinese military ships were seen off the coast of Alaska while Obama was visiting there in September 2015. The Pentagon confirmed the presence of the ships in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia, and it was believed to be the first time Chinese military ships have been seen in that area, which is a sign of China's global presence extending far from its own borders. Then in October 2015 a Chinese attack submarine tracked a US aircraft carrier south of Japan. In May 2016, Chinese fighter jets dangerously passed within 50 feet of a US reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea. As you can see, China has a long, track record of provocations. In terms of global fire power, China is now rated as the third most powerful military in the world.

Furthermore, since 2012, the Chinese have also been on a major buying spree, in a push to purchase significant amounts of US infrastructure, commerce, and natural resources. Their progress on this front has been astounding, and they now own major businesses in America, as well as vast amounts of prime real estate, including US ports. One example of a business front used for incursion into America is the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO), which is controlled by the People’s Republic of China. This communist-owned company already owns vital ports in Long Beach, Calif. and Boston, Mass.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin at the Moscow Parade 2015
Russia, the largest ally of China, and the second most powerful military force in the world, has been busy, too, in its military activities related to America. In April 2014, a Russian intelligence-gathering ship was seen off the US coast and near the Gulf of Mexico. Then in September 2014, Russian, long-range bomber planes practiced bombing flights to North America. Then in September and October 2015, a Russian spy-ship made it's way down the entire east coast of the US, in conjunction with submarines that came dangerously close to US underwater cables used for communicating intelligence information. It is believed that the Russians were mapping out the location of the cables, so that they could cut them in the event of tension or conflict. This level of activity from Russia was similar to what we saw during the Cold War era.

Then there were the week-long, Chinese-Russian, joint naval drills at sea in April 2015, which included an amphibious landing of amphibious and airborne troops, as well as firing their warships' guns. After that came the massive, V-Day military parade that China held in Beijing in September 2015, where Vladmir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister stood beside Chinese President Xi Jinping in the reviewing stand. Since Jinping had attended the Moscow Victory Day Parade in May 2015 as Putin's guest-of-honor (photo above), he returned the favor at this parade, in which China showcased around 12,000 troops, 500 military vehicles and over 200 military aircraft, including weapons systems never before seen in public.

I give all of this as background to help you understand that the world is at war, ISIS is on the move, posing a major threat, Russia and China are displaying their military might, acting subversively toward America, and the Cold War between the US and Russia is in full progress once again. This is the context for the prophecies I am about to share with you about the coming invasion of America by Russia and China.

First of all, in 1973 David Wilkerson had a vision of an economic collapse followed by a Russian invasion of America via a hydrogen holocaust. He also had another vision in 1985 of an economic collapse, followed by an attack from Russia, in which a hydrogen holocaust will engulf America in one hour. He also had subsequent visions in 1992 and 2009 of calamity and judgment on America.

Secondly, in the 1980's, a Romanian pastor named Dumitru Duduman had a vision of the US being attacked by Russia and destroyed by nuclear weapons. He was told that the US is mystery Babylon depicted in Revelation 17-18, and that certain US cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York are modern-day Sodom and Gomorrahs. He was shown that in one day America will burn.

Thirdly, around 1986, Henry Gruver had a vision of the US being invaded and totally destroyed by the Russian and Chinese. He saw a sea and air invasion would occur, including attacks with nuclear weapons and nerve gas. He was shown the Russian submarines very close to the US east coast firing nuclear missiles at cities in the US.

Fourthly, in 1985, Dr. Maurice Sklar had a vision of America as Mystery Babylon being destroyed by fire. He was told to release the vision to warn people, so they might flee from the wrath to come.

Finally, in 2013, I wrote an article titled America’s Destruction is at Hand, regarding a dream I had about war coming to America, as well as some visions of others that the Lord led me to include in that post about sudden destruction coming upon this nation. 

Putting it All Together
You can choose to believe these visions or not, but they all speak of the same thing, which is that America is marked for judgment by God. And we are closer now to that time of fiery judgment than we have ever been before.

When you combine all of this with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster and it's dire consequences, as well as the The End Time Plagues that are currently happening, and the way the earth and its environment are experiencing multiple, severe crises, it's clear that we are in a time of distress such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world, which God created, until now and never will be again! Those with understanding will understand that these are signs of the times we live in. They point to the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back right away. 

If you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, now is the time to repent and believe in Him. Now is the time to turn from sin and follow Him. If you are a believer, but you are not walking with the Lord as you should or you are backslidden into sin, then now is the time to wake up and repent, for the kingdom of God is near. Turn from your evil ways and your evil practices. Forsake your love of the world. Return to the Lord and He will return to you.

The Lord is coming back right away, but He is only coming for a holy people -- those living a holy life. Most of the Church has become apostate and rejected the truth. Please don't assume you are in good standing with God. Ask Him to search your heart and expose anything that is hidden that must go. Then when He does, repent. Don't delay. This could be your final warning!

Attribution notice: Scriptures taken from The Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV®.  The "Four Horsemen" painting © 2012 Danny Hahlbohm, all rights reserved by the artist. The photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the 2015 Moscow Victory Day parade, courtesy of kremlin.ru.

Author's note: You must take responsibility for your own actions. Nobody knows the day or the hour, and in no way am I date setting. This is only to provide you with information, so that you can make your own decisions, for which you will be accountable to God.  You may also want to read my other related posts:

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Do You Want to Know Him?
If you want to know Jesus personally, you can. It all begins when you repent and believe in Jesus.  Do you know what God's Word, the Bible says?

“Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.’” (Mar 1:14b-15).  He preached that we must repent and believe.

Please see my explanation of this in my post called "Do You Want to Know Jesus?"

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