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Barack Obama Is The Antichrist Beast!

On September 9, 2017, Christopher Harris shared the dreams he and his close friend received recently about the coming antichrist, Barack Obama.

Viewer Comments on the Video
Someone by the handle of TheModesty13 commented on his video saying, " I got my own confirmation dream about Obama last year in July. I saw him enter a ball room and everyone in the room bowed down to him as if he were a king. Years before that dream I had prayed that if he were truly the Antichrist that I receive a dream from the Lord. I had forgotten that I even prayed that,  until I woke up from the dream and remembered my prayer."

Someone else named Lady Jewel commented on Christopher Harris' video saying: " Yes, brother, Obama is the antichrist. I had 2 dreams months ago that Obama was wearing a pharaoh hat, and that he has something to do with or talking to China as well. In my 2 dreams Obama's face was normal at first, then his face turned very demonic. I was shown in the dream a lake in a cave with snakes coming out of it. I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, 'This is where he does his human sacrifices.' I voted Obama in 2008. 2011 is when the Lord Jesus started to show me who he truly was. In 2018 is when I received both dreams. Obama is the antichrist."

Lisa Caruso also commented on the video by Christopher Harris saying: " My Obama antichrist dream occurred in 2006...since then have talked to many others who have had similar vivid dreams of this nature."

Jason Wellz also commented: "I also had a dream concerning Obama, I was walking across a stone arched bridge as I got to the top of the arch of the bridge I stopped and looked down below to my left and saw a 2 headed Dragon. The head to my right was that of a Dragon and the head to my left was Obama's and his eyes were jet black, teeth sharp and had scales on his face as a reptile. I was freighted and woke immediately and knew he was the Antichrist! This was when he ran for President and they compared him to Jesus after winning his 1st Democratic Debate."
Ileana Bonilla also commented: "I had a dream that Obama was the anti-Christ and he came after me to kill me.  In my dream Obama had a son  who was Hispanic and I didn’t understand but I was led to believe his Hispanic son  is the pope."

Maria E commented to Christopher Harris saying:

Dear brother, I feel led by the Lord right now to share what happened to me back in the year 2007. Before I get into this, I want to state that what I am about to post here is neither racially or politically motivated. I am simply going to share with you the facts of what happened to me one day back in 2007. 
My husband was watching television in the living room as I wandered into the living room to join him. I sat on the couch and I became rather mesmerized by a man that I had never seen before on the tv screen. I could feel my eyes widening as I was looking at him, I was so " AMAZED" by him for some reason. I suddenly began to feel this " SINKING FEELING", this feeling of utter " DREAD." It felt like a black cloud had enveloped my entire body. I then began to feel " EVIL" from this man. 
Even though I was feeling the " HORROR" from him, I was not afraid.
I began to speak out loud and I said several times over," oh my GOD!! My GOD no! " Oh my GOD!!! It was as if I was looking at the worst thing that you could lay your eyes on!! I turned to my husband and I asked him," Who is that guy?! "My husband replied," Oh, that's Barack Obama, he's running up against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ticket." He then says to me," What's wrong with you??" I tell him," That man is very very bad, but I don't know why......." 
Within seconds, I begin to feel like I know this guy! It was a new feeling of awareness, as if I was being awakened from a deep sleep. This is how it felt. It was as if a veil had been lifted! I said to my husband," I know him. I know who he is." My husband turned to me and said," You do? What do you mean you know him? Well, who is he?" I blurted out," HE IS THE ANTI-CHRIST!!!!!!!" 
I want to emphasize here that this WAS NOT A DREAM. I have never ever had a dream about BARACK OBAMA. Perhaps I have never had one because I don't need one. I already know who he is. Make no mistake about it, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA WILL BE THE ANTI-CHRIST INCARNATE. He is coming back. Watch and see.....
For anyone that doubts that Barack Obama is the ANTI-CHRIST because he is out of office, at the time I experienced this Obama was a relatively unknown figure, running against the big Clinton machine and there were many people that thought he did not have a chance of being elected. 
Can you imagine how I feel today, when I get on YOUTUBE and I see soooo many people receiving dreams from the Lord that Obama is " THE" ANTI-CHRIST??" This is amazing to me. This is my confirmation, and I am yours. Connect the dots.....
In closing, I absolutely believe in my heart that the Lord opened my eyes and spoke through me that day back in 2007. Thank you Father GOD, thank you Jesus!! Thank you dear brother for another great video!!"
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Attribution notice: Most Scripture quotations taken from the Holy Bible NIV, copyright Zondervan, used by permission. 

Author's note:  You must take responsibility for your own actions. This is only to provide you with information, so that you can make your own decisions, for which you will be accountable to God.

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