Thursday, January 2, 2020

“What can I do to win you over?"

In November 2009, a Christian lady, named Jackie (entimes777), stated that she had two dreams of Obama.  She stated that in the first dream, she was in a classroom and Obama came in.  As he went to the chalkboard, he said, “I’m here to teach you something.”  She said that she did not want to hear anything he had to say, so the dream ended.  In the second dream, she was sitting on a park bench in a park and Obama sat down next to her.  He said, “What can I do to win you over?  What can I do to make you like me?”  She replied right to his face, “I don’t like you.  I know who you are, and you will never get me on your side.”  When she had said that, he looked sad (really, really sad).  And he got up off the park bench and walked away.

Interpretation: Obama comes as a great teacher, but is a deceiver and a seducer who wants people to like him so that they can do what he wants. When he saw this lady would not listen to him, he tried to use manipulation to win her over. This would seem to indicate that this is his mode of operation with the masses.

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Here are some of the replies to her video:

ashley nonie replied 8 years ago: "Yeah I've had 3 dreams!! Tried to kill me in two..and the first one I had he was in the white house with george soros!"

spphr308 replied 7 years ago: "I had 2 dreams so far with him.  My first dream was that he told me to bow down to him and I told him no I never will. You're not my Lord.  Then I felt a force push me onto my knees. I didn't want to bow to him in the dream. He forced me."

Jennifer Arnold replied 7 years ago: "When I first saw Obama, I heard God speak to me and tell me he was either the antichrist or he was 'with' the antichrist.  When I started telling people, they told me I was crazy. I was awake at the time...every time I see him, his face morphs into a demonic, scary looking human like creature."

biancaarielle replied 6 years ago: "I had a dream, it's on my channel.  The overall high points were officials rewriting lines on a map for 'districts' in America...Obama was in an underground military bunker and he had evil looking red computer pixel eyes and he was trying to figure out if I was a Christian or not; I knew he would kill me if he found out I was a believer.  I cannot overemphasize the evil look in his eyes, but he tried to hide it."

Tina Gover replied 10 years ago: "I had a dream just last was like a play and people were watching. Obama was acting all innocent and pitiful in this act. He pretended to die on stage. I remember getting mad cause people were believing his performance."

Cynthia McLeod replied 9 months ago: "Yes! It was strange that he was a married man wanted to be adulterous with me and tried to trick me into being 'his'. I didn't want to. I asked Michelle about it and she said yes, go ahead.  So both of them were allowing this! Whoa."

Traci Campbell replied 10 years ago: "A long time ago I had a dream and cannot remember the dream but will begin documenting the dreams I do have now. The theme of the dream was that he was a "deceiver" and being two faced so to speak. I woke up with a warning feeling that he was a deceiver."

chas717 replied 10 years ago: "I had a dream that Obama was chasing me trying to capture me."

jazmines treasures replied 10 years ago: "My  brother in laws father had a dream about obama chasing him and biting him, even taking out his teeth and biting him.  Said he was very scared and woke up from it screaming. I am sure there was more to it and  I think obama might be the  little boastful horn on the beast."

Lynda Howard replied 8 years ago: "I dreamed that I was walking into a concentration camp with a man in a white robe, I was also wearing a white robe. Many people were in cages. They were moaning with pain and hunger. We walked into a tunnel, I saw the barbed wired fence about 7 feet tall. I heard the people yelling with fear and dread 'Obama,' over and over. I had NEVER heard of that name before. 7 years later he became the President."

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Attribution notice: Most Scripture quotations taken from the Holy Bible NIV, copyright Zondervan, used by permission. 

Author's note:  You must take responsibility for your own actions. This is only to provide you with information, so that you can make your own decisions, for which you will be accountable to God.

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